Monday, September 01, 2008


Conversation from first thing this morning:

E: After I eat breakfast, can we go to the library?
Me: No, the library is closed today.
E: Then can we go to the bank?
M: The bank is closed today too.
E: Then can we go to the doctor?
M: No, the doctor's office is closed today too.
E: Then what will we do if I get sick?
M: If you get really, really sick, we would take you to the hospital.
E: Like Madeline. Her stomach was sick and she drove that car to the hospital. Then they cut her open and took out the bad part. Now she has a scar.
M: That's right, except Madeline didn't drive the ambulance.
E: Why?
M: Because she's just a little girl and she was very sick. She rode in the ambulance because she had to get to the hospital very fast. The ambulance can drive extra fast because it has a light and siren that tells cars to get out of its way.
E: Yeah, it goes woooouoooowooouooo.

and so on.


joshuadf said...

Wow, is that her usual list of fun places to go? Any interest in the park?

Melody said...

HA! Those were my thoughts as we were having the conversation. The library usually is on the top of her list, but this is the first time for the bank and the doctor. She hasn't been to the doctor in several months. She does like going to the bank. I let her fill out her own deposit slip.

Griz said...

The creative mind of children. What a joy!

Anonymous said...

I love the text to self connection!

Everyday I look at the little 3 year old class in the ABC school and I think Eleanor could come to school with me if she lived here...but I think she is getting a better education Mommy and Daddy style!