Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Life and Fun

Sometimes Eleanor wins, sometimes the yogurt wins.


Eleanor finally has enough hair for shampooing fun.

We bake and cook together quite a bit. Eleanor's favorite part is making a huge mess...I think that might be my favorite part too.

Today Eleanor filled up her sticker chart (she got stickers for obeying, putting away toys, etc). Her prize was a trip to Build-A-Bear. I chose this because I had a coupon ($5 off), after I had told Eleanor what the prize would be, I realized that the coupon was expired. Oops. We went this morning. She thought it was okay. The lady helping her was hurried, so the experience wasn't great. Eleanor choose (with help) a light brown bear (the $10 one). She didn't mind that we didn't buy clothes for it. The bear's name is Bearybaum. He went to the library with Eleanor and Matt tonight. But, as cliche as it is, I think Eleanor's favorite part was the box.


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Sooz said...

Nothing better than a box to play in, but a box with pictures on it and windows...the best! I think all parents should purchase boxes of assorted sizes and wrap them for Christmas. Kids treasure them. Haha and its so cheap! E is a cutie pie!