Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Fun

Eleanor has been having so much fun with the Build-A-Bear box. Today she was carting it around saying that it was her "ta-lur." I tried to figure out what she meant by that for several minutes, then gave up. Later it all became clear when she explained, "It's my ta-lur box, like at Max's birthday." Max just had a pirate birthday party with treasure boxes. I love those moments of relevation. Here's Eleanor making her sad face.

This morning, I told Eleanor that we were going to clean. After hearing strange noises, I went to check on her. I found her "cleaning." Later I cleaned up the mess she made cleaning. Sigh.
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joshuadf said...

This is why Molly loves this age so much. Anything can be a treasure box, cleaning supplies, a little doggy, etc. Wonderful!

Sooz said...

Love Eleanor's imagination and what a good helper!