Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Joys" of Parenthood

She wasn't crying because she was on the toilet. I don't remember why she was crying, but she was and has been a lot this past week. We've been sick. Eleanor's illness started first last Sunday night. In addition to her snot and fever, her symptoms included copious crying, whining, and general feelings of malevolence. We had our first experience of "family illness" and it is not one I am fond of. It has been a very long week, with many long nights of holding an inconsolable toddler who kept insisting that she needed "med-sin" even though it had just been administered. Thankfully, we have a wonderful peditrician that Eleanor likes. After a visit to her (and a prescription), Eleanor is feeling much better and sleeping much better.

In other news, this week marks a new era in our household: the "why?" phase.
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The Fanks said...

Welcome to the "why" phase. I have a limit of 3 "why"s before I start asking Silas why he wants to know. It's helpful.

Anonymous said...

Eleanor is feeling better now...could we have a better picture? This is so sad! Poor Baby!

Sooz said...

Awww she looks so sad. Love that pouty lip.