Thursday, February 14, 2008

Griffith Park

We went to Griffith Park this morning. We were meeting some friends at the Travel Town Museum. The museum had all kinds of old trains and carts that are accessible for climbing and "driving." Eleanor thought this shelf above the steam engine's furnace was a great bed for her baby.

All the other friends were boys and Eleanor did not want to have her picture taken with them.

Her favorite part of the morning (according to her) was riding the kid-sized train. I didn't get a good picture of that.
After the trains we went to an excellent playground. Eleanor's favorite part there was a train that she could "drive." She also liked this digger thing and just about everything else there. It was a great morning.

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Anonymous said...

Caption for the first picture:
"The Original Fry Baby".

Sooz said...

I love that Eleanor didn't want her picture taken with a bunch of "icky" boys. And that spot for the baby doll is perfect and even had rails for safety. She is awesome.