Friday, November 03, 2006


We've had quote a few visits this month that you, our loyal readership, have missed out on. We'd like to share them with you.

First, we visited our alma mater for homecoming which, with the exception of a delightful conversation with Dr. Mr. Wink, was pretty dull I have to say. Still we had a bit of Chick-fillet on the grass for old times sake. It's considerably less relaxing with babies.

Next came a visit from our newest favorite cat who we don't own named "monkey." However we named him "Mittens," since he seems to have four white mittens. He's very amiable, kitteny and Eleanor delights in him. Sometimes he comes to visit, sitting in our 2nd story windows quite unexpectedly, much to Eleanor's surprise, and ours.

Not long after that we were visited by a strange trio from a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

Cousin Jack came to play for a few brief but intense sessions. Eleanor really wanted into Jack's pillow fortress and once she finally made it in, Jack didn't want her to leave. I don't know if Jack ever grasped what we meant when we said, "Don't run Jack, the Chiropracter is downstairs." I can image any number of things such words might inspire in the mind of a five year old, none of them scarier than an actual chiropracter.

Then a man with very long hair and a beard came to visit. No, it wasn't Jesus. It was Josh. He and Molly and Cedar came to stay overnight and the babies had a blast reading "brownbear brownbear." You never know how someone is going to voice the various animals. I think that the way one reads the voice of the teacher is particularly telling about their personality, background and social stability.

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Soon, the fanx arrived and it was maximum baby action for a little over an hour.

We've all been enjoying Eleanor's new orange hoody. I thought she should eat an orange while wearing it for extra points. It just so happens that after a couple of visits with Mamaw Jones, we have several winter oranges which Eleanor loves. Despite all appearances below, the kid ate over half of the orange in the space of about five minutes.


jennie said...

Speaking of oranges, my nephew Jakes eats lemons like it's nobody's business. It's hilarious.

I loved the visit updates! I especially loved that I knew all of the visitors except for Mittens.

jennie said...

Oh, and Cousin Jack. I don't know Cousin Jack.

Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

"I see children looking at me!"

Viator said...

"Daddy, let go of my hand! If you only knew where they'd BEEN!
Heh heh--time to let go now, okay? Um, Daddy?"

the fanks. said...

ah, streaming video of my baby slapping your baby... will modern technology never cease to amaze me? -j