Monday, November 20, 2006

Hay Ride

The much anticipated (at least by me) hay ride took place on Saturday. Some folks in our church have this amazing farm on the river. Every year they host a hay ride. Here is our gracious hostess, who made very good chicken and dumplings. Belle is the dog. Eleanor was so happy to play with Belle, but Belle wasn't so sure.

We went on a hay ride last year too, but Eleanor enjoyed this one much more (she slept through most of it last year). When we first got on the trailer, Eleanor carefully examined the boards and saw a crack wide enough to see the ground. She was still examining it when we started moving. She was much suprised and excited to go and was happy for most of the ride.

These are pictures of people riding on hay.

In other news, Eleanor slept over 13 hours last night and did not act as my alarm clock (as is her habit) this morning causing me to almost miss a breakfast appointment. She has learned to bark like a seal, hiss like a snake, and moo like a cow. Today she tried to cut her own toenails.

And last, but not least, we have a shameless plug for Eleanor's cuteness brought to you by EPR Team (Eleanor's Public Relations Team, that is).


Anonymous said...

Your photos turned out a lot better than mine did! I had so much fun.

Viator said...

Boy, can that kid make love to the lense. Kinda puts Baby Tomcat to shame, don't she?

Matt, I've been a crummy friend, and a worse editor--none the better for asking HERE how you're essay is coming.

Viator said...

. . . or for confusing contractions with possessives.

Obviously my work at the undergrad writing center (W.C.) is getting to me.

jennie said...

I'm glad you found your own mistake, Ben, because it was getting hard for me to resist pointing it out! :)

I love that first picture of Lisa.

Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

Isn't barking like a seal an indication of croup?

Tarimisu said...

Eleanor is really cute. Her team did a great job. :o)

the fanks. said...

josh, my kid just had croup and it's more of a dog sort of bark. believe me.