Saturday, November 11, 2006

iBook Rehabilitation Unit: iFixit

A few weeks back, Melody's aunt, B, suffered a great loss: her hard drive on her G3 iBook failed. B is a writer by proffession and she has been using her iBook nigh daily since 2001. It was only a matter of time. Fortunately for a nominal fee she was able to salvage most of the data. However it was time to upgrade and she soon had a shiny new 13in. Intel Core Duo Powered MacBook with which to ply her trade.

Since we suffered a similar loss earlier in the year and had our hard drive replaced, I asked what was to become of the old G3 iBook. B replied that she supposed she would bring it to me to see what I could do with it. I had entertained notions of doing the hard drive replacement myself but when I waded into the internet walk-through tutorials for it I discovered that the hard drives in this generation of Mac laptops are not very easy to get to. So I payed CompUSA to do it for me. But now I had the chance to test my nerdish mettle. I was resolved. I would replace this hard drive myself.

I'll not bore you with all the tedious details but a few photos taken over the four hours it took to get it taken apart enough to get to the drive, replace the drive and put it all back together again. I couldn't have done it without the exceptional guide from iFixit.

I find it somewhat strange how much this sort of thing appeals to me. I suppose it's a sort of puzzle. I think it has more to do with the clearly defined goals and outcomes. The problems I deal with at work are anything but clearly defined. I think it's therapeutic to really fix something and know what you've done.

Voila! Two working iBooks. B's computer begins new life as a dedicated, portable music machine. Believe it or not this is the abbreviated pictorial version. For the full 4 hour process check out my Yahoo! Photos ablum in a few days.

And Eleanor is still cute. This morning she went over and pulled the Yoda hat from the shelf and had me put it on her. A cute and darling baby she is. Maybe she can use the laptop for college.


Viator said...

Brandy and I found ourselves musing recently about whether E.'s charm is entirely intrinsic, or if some small portion of it might be a matter of presentation--not every baby is blessed with so savvy a p.r. team. As long as you keep it up, I guess we'll never know. Not that knowing would in any way dislodge our our admiration for her resultant cuteness.

Speaking of admiration--well done with the Mac! I'd probably be a better scholar, writer, personal computer, and all around guy if I shared your patience, or could somehow glean the pleasure you profess from such projects.

As it is, I'm into eating. Dr. Brandy is currently reducing her famous green curry with chicken, served in honor of Joey and Molly's visiting us this weekend.

Sophie is extremely--and, I fear, vainly--excited.

Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

Awesome. Did you put the same kind of hard drive as before in, or a larger faster one? Our current Dell x200 off eBay came diskless and I should have taken pictures. (Though it's not as pretty as the iBook anyway.) I agree about the sense of accomplishment, though I got pretty nervous with all the small sharp bits flying around near a toddler.

M. Lumpkin said...

you can see the process in more detailed photographic documentation here.

I installed a 20gig Samsung to replace the failed 10gig Fujitsu.

I was very fortunate to have the counter top above E's reach and began the process after she went to bed. All screws and bits accounted for.