Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Week In Review

Our week began rather simply. We spent last Sunday afternoon reading. I throughly enjoyed a John Steinbeck book, while Matt actually read.

Eleanor and Silas worked on a duet, but they kept disagreeing about who would play which part. I guess that's how it is with musicians (and babies).

Friday evening there was a lovely thunderstorm. This is what met me as I took the trash out. Across the street, in the lawn of the blind school, someone was playing with their dog. Cars were driving by making that swish sound that tires make on wet asphalt. It was a surreal moment.

Matt spent most of today (Saturday) in the bathroom. No, he's not sick (although his time in the bathroom did result in a headache). Using materials donated by a kind aunt, Matt set up a dark room in our bathroom. I wasn't fond of the idea at first, but it's growing on me. He has set it up in such a way that the use of the bathroom is not hindered (much) and it can be fairly easily taken down and stored after the weekend. The only problem (so far) is ventilation (or lack thereof), thus the headache. Here are a couple of pictures of Matt developing pictures.


Viator said...

Photo caption suggestion #1:

Matt's frat buddies were irked, to say the least, when they realized his real reason for wanting to visit Amsterdam.

Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

I miss thunderstorms.

Viator said...

Which novel, Mel? I'm reading his translation/rendering of "The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights." The best bits are actually in the appdx., which chronicles through letters to his editor the creative (and sometimes not too creative) process. Also of interest to you might be his journals and letters during the time of his writing "Grapes," collected in "Working Days."