Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another Week, 100 More Pictures

I keep telling people that Eleanor is a pious child. Here is further proof. As I was getting her bath ready one evening, I discovered her reading Mark.
Thursday morning Eleanor woke up with a runny nose. She usually tosses a few Cheerios on the floor for later, but that day she found a more unusual keeping place.

On Saturday, Eleanor and I went to see my parents and Josh and Ayumi (who are moving to California). Eleanor liked playing with the two dogs, cat and donkey. Although her favorite thing to do was climb the stairs.

Matt had the morning off on Tuesday, so we went out for breakfast. It was lovely. When we got home, I called the peditrician's office to ask about the strange rashes Eleanor has. Two weeks ago, Eleanor received her vaccines for about eight things. She is having reactions to the chicken pox and measles vaccines. This means she's fussy, itchy, spotted and there is a slight possibility that she is contagious.

This is what I didn't have for lunch today. I think it might have turned out better if there had been directions in English or if I had been able to read Japanese.

Since the nurse we spoke with at the peditrician's office told me not to take Eleanor out until all her poxy blisters had scabbed over, we have been looking for new things to do here. Today we tried finger painting (in the nude for half of us). The measles-vaccine-induced rash is quite bad on her bum, so I like to let her go diaper free as much as possible. She really enjoyed finger painting, but lost interest after a few minutes and went on to explore the deck.


Djangalaang said...

Cute kid. It's good that you are doing things to stimulate her mind, rather than setting her in front of a television. I hope her butt-rash gets better.


M. Lumpkin said...

After spending over an hour on the frustrating and tedious task of trying to get the photos and text to align properly, I give up. I hope you can still enjoy it.

Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

Awesome. Just don't let blogger fool you into switching early to I did and some things just don't work. But they'll be fixed Real Soon.

By the way, the white bag says "Sauce Mix" at the bottom, which makes me think that maybe you were supposed to provide something. (butter? milk?)

Aunt Ruby said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday

Leann said...

Yes, some problems going on with Blogger. I can't even read mine although I can post. Weird. They're supposed to be working on it, but it's taking a long time. Eleanor is adorable.

the fanks. said...

Silas wants to invite Eleanor to come climb the stairs at his house. He never seems to get tired of climbing them and suggests some company would make it all the more fun. *a

B. Utter said...

Maybe put a little aveeno/oatmeal in her bath if the rash is itchy.
You are probably already on top of that. Eleanor just looks like a little (better mentally adjusted) Jackson Pollock. Did Matt have a smashing birthday?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the chicken pox....I'm trying to think if it's been 1 week or 2 since Kyla's shots...
I love the finger painting...are you going to frame it?? We tried that quite a while back and Kyla just tried to lick her fingers...I did have her sitting in her highchair though.......
PS - we love the blogger beta.

M. Lumpkin said...

How is better/different/worse?

I've been using baking soda in her bath and using aveeno soap. Last night we put some calamine on the bad spots. She seemed to be feeling and eating better today. We had lunch outside and she kept trying to feed a horsefly some cheese. Maybe we should have named her Frances. She still is abnormally cuddily and a bit cranky.

Matt did have a smashing birthday. We had a ill-planned picnic.

The finger painting is on the fridge for now.

Tell Silas that E will welcome a stair-climbing date anytime.

(Can you tell that I haven't gone anywhere or seen anyone all week?)