Saturday, June 03, 2006

Water not so Deep

Our new apartment has a wonderful deck perfect for an Eleanor pool. One day last week, I spent nap time inflating a small pool that I bought for her. It took about ten minutes to fill it with water and then ten more to get her sunscreened and into a bathing suit (both of which were unnecessary since she would have been happy in nothing and the pool was shaded). She had so much fun. She started out splashing in the pool, then she became more interested in the water that had splashed out. Then we started with the bubbles. It was fun all around.

In other news, Eleanor now proudly sits in a real high chair for her meals. Since we have room for one now, Matt's mom graciously donated a nice chair that Eleanor loves.


ange said...

ooh i wish i had one of them (a pool, not the high chair).

actually, i was supposed to go swimming today, but i didn't get to because i'm not allowed to get my burns wet now.

the fanks. said...

can Silas come swim?

M. Lumpkin said...

Yes! We'll have a pool party for people under 3 feet tall.

The Clevelands said...

Allison would like to join the pool party too! I'm ready for her to put her cute little bikini on.