Sunday, June 25, 2006

Six Pictures and a Video

We had a busy day on Saturday. Matt and Eleanor got up early and made me breakfast. Then we went to church to a drop-in reception for Jonathan and Lauren Kelly, who were here "in view of a call" as the new youth minister. After Eleanor's morning nap, Eleanor and Matt went over to play with Silas and Joel so Alice and I could roam free. Then we traveled on to dinner with Matt's grandma and cousins. This picture was taken near the end of the evening in front of "Great-Ma's" house.

Eleanor loves playing with her toys and books. I set her down here whenever I need a few minutes to eat or do some other necessary task. Within minutes, her orderly play area looks like this.

Eleanor loves opening and shutting doors and lifting flaps. Since the cabinets and other doors are off limits to her, we used one of the many boxes that we had after the move to make suitable doors for her to open and close. She likes being in her little "house."

My parents bought Eleanor these bath toys. Matt told me that the large pink alligator is Daddy Alligator and the small green alligator is Baby Alligator. So, the large green frog became Mommy Frog and the small pink frog became Baby Frog. What a mixed up family.

Bath time = fun time.

This is Matt's favorite way of dressing Eleanor for bed. Don't worry, I usually untie her sleeves and put them on her arms before she goes to bed.

And the promised video. This is Eleanor's second music video. Thanks to They Might Be Giants for such good music.

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B. Utter said...

Yea Eleanor! Shake whatcha' momma gave ya.

B. Utter said...

yea Eleanor! Shake whatcha momma gave ya.

Rebecca Sue said...

seriously! she is adorable!!!!