Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nappy Bottles

Sometimes Eleanor likes a bottle to wash down her green beans. Before you call Child Services, let me tell you that it was IBC and empty.

Eleanor is always so happy when she wakes up from her nap. Take note of the pretty color of the wall. I painted it myself, with the help of Ben and Brandy Utter. It was the same ugly color of the bathroom, which is a grayish purple.

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Viator said...

Yay! We managed to warrant a mention!
Which means you get feedback.

Attention; feedback.
Attention; feedback.

See how it works?
Yesterday evening saw the near-completion of my third painting project in our new house. Hmm . . .
It occurs to me that to simply say "Our new house," which we are doing with the annoying regularity of photo-brandishing new grandparents, is a little dull.

Any ideas for house names? Y'know, after the English model: C.S. Lewis's place was "The Kilns," and I stayed with some folks in Bristol who'd hung up a little plaque on their front porch announcing it "The
Dwiddles," or something similarly Anglo-cutesy.

I suggest "Brokeback Cottage," for your new digs.