Monday, November 28, 2005

Staying Warm

Staying Warm
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We had an excellent Thanksgiving holiday. I was a bit worried about how Eleanor would react to being away from home for so long (five whole days). She did really well, even sleeping through most of our five and a half hour journey home (it's usually two hours, but tornadoes complicate matters).

We went on a walk while we were at Matt's family's house. It was quite chilly, so I put Eleanor in the baby carrier with her hat on and then put my sweater on over her. It was quite cozy and comfortable, except when she would turn her head to see things her eyes would get lost either under her hat or in the sweater.

Eleanor is asleep and I should be too. As usuall, click on the photo to see more.


Anonymous said...

you guys got caught in the storm too??

small world....


M. Lumpkin said...

JP, sorry we missed you over thanksgiving. If Melody hadn't been paying attention we might have driven right into the storm.