Thursday, November 17, 2005

Long Haired Freaky People

A couple weeks ago I started feeling really guilty about all of the landfills we were filling up with diapers. So I did some research, mostly trying to appease my guilt by proving that using cloth diapers was just too much work and too gross. But like the atheist who set out to prove God didn't exist and became a Christian, I am now a proud cloth diaper user.

The more I read, the more I realized that cloth diapers are not what they used to be. There are no pins involved, no plasticy covers, and no dunking used diapers in the toilet. The diapers I chose have snaps and soft fleece inside (it keeps Eleanor's bum quite dry and cozy). The diapers come in several colors and prints. I even found one site that sells batik diapers. Maybe Eleanor will get one of those for Christmas.

I have to admitt that I feel quite betrayed. I never saw an advertisement for any kind of cloth diapers in all the pregnancy and parenting magazines and books. Diaper companies have money, so they convince us that putting plasticy chemicals up against our babies skins is good for them, and that everyone does it so it must be okay. No one (except April and Levi) told me that cloth diapering could be as easy as it is. Instead of tossing the diapers in the trash, they go in the washing machine. Doesn't that make more sense?

Well, I have to go hug a tree.


Anonymous said...

Well the instructions here are all in Chinese, good thing I have intuition about where to fill in the black spaces.
I've been a closet cloth diaper fan for some time now, well, since I lived in Wales. Yes, there is a connection. She is getting lovelier with each picture. And you guys are too, of course. I really miss you! I'm going to Beijing next week with two strangers, well, practically strangers. I wish I had enough Harry Potter in me to turn them into you.

Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

Well, you can use the pins and plastic covers if you want. We like cloth since it makes us aware of the need to change Cedar quickly instead of her sitting in it for a while.

Miles said...

Woo-hoo, lookin' good in that Fuzzi-Bunz, Eleanor! Just warn your mommy that cloth diapering can be addictive once she starts to discover all of the cute dipes out there... ;-)

Nice to meet you!

PS- I'm Judah's friend.