Tuesday, November 08, 2005

At The River

At The River
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We went on a hayride with our Sunday school class on Sunday evening. It was the perfect day for hayriding, as it was chilly but not cold (and not 86 degrees like today!). The trees are changing into their fall colors and the fields that we rode through were newly harvested.

In other news, we went back to the hematologist yesterday. He told me to take the rat poison for three more months. After that we go back for a couple more tests to see if I have any other clotting disorders that they can't test for while on the medicine. I am very happy to not have to have surgery and to be able to get off of the medication. Matt and I celebrated this with ice cream and a movie.

Matt is still very much enjoying his job and I am learning how to answer the constant "Do you work?" stream of questions. My favorite responses so far include:

"No, I spend my days lounging in a pool with various drinks that have umbrellas in them."

"Oh, good heavens no! That's why I have a husband."

"June Cleaver is my name."

Eleanor beacons and I must go.


ange said...

a hayride! i don't think we have hayrides in virginia

Anonymous said...

Eleanor beacons? Wow! I love that image! Is her beacon in the middle of her forehead? Or does she have an external beacon? So cool! I want a beacon.