Monday, April 13, 2009

The Saturday Between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday

 Easter Egg hunt at Fuller started a bit early for some.

Neighbor, Eli was ready to go.

Thomas, Mary and little Audrey turned out as well.

 "And Go!"


E was not in a hurry (Dress courtesy of Memaw).
She did find an egg.  I had goldfish inside.  We encouraged her to look for more but she replied: "I found one already."  We did not wish to change her lack of greed.

Later she went to climb on a prominent statue in the center of Fuller Seminary's campus depicting the crucifixion of Jesus.  Eleanor likes to hug the man swinging the hammer and ask me why they wanted to hurt Jesus.  This Good Friday is the first she has asked about the crucifixion.  We read to her a couple of versions from children's Bibles before a wonderful service at church made the mystery evident to her in sight, sound, word and song. It is truly amazing experiencing worship and the Christian story through the eyes of someone who is still putting it all together.  It is a reminder that we are all still putting it all together.

Later (after a change of clothes) we dyed eggs.

Eleanor loves food coloring.  I love stacking things.

Melody and Eleanor both love to eat hard boiled eggs.

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Sooz said...

What a fun Easter! Its fascinating when a child begins to slowly understand the life of Christ. I love to see it unfolding. Neat!!! Glad your Easter was a non-rainy event. Little Rock was soaked out!