Thursday, March 12, 2009

No New Pics

We have lots of pictures that I want to post, but daylight savings killed our computer. Matt worked out a laptop running Linux for me to use, but I can't scan E's fun new artwork or post pictures until we get a Windows running machine working again. The computer needs a new part (graphics card or video card or something like that), so when we get the $ for the part and Matt gets the time to put it in, you will get pictures again:)

Anyway, there has been a severe shortage of posts lately. I've been felling very unhuman because I'm growing another human. Yes, that means I'm pregnant (due mid-September). Until about two weeks ago, looking at screens was on the (long) list of things that induced nausea (also on that list were going into the kitchen, chocolate, food, riding in a car, talking, and being awake).

The baby should be here in September. Eleanor is beyond excited. She gives the baby hugs on a daily basis and alternately tells people that she's going to have a baby brother and a baby sister. Of course, being the inquisitive child she is, she wants to know how the baby got in my belly, how it eats and lots of other fun stuff. When we answer her questions, we do so with small bits of age appropriate information. We also use correct terminology, so don't be surprised if Eleanor tells you something about a uterus or sperm.

Since I can't give you pictures, I'll give you even more words. Here's some Eleanorisms of late:

Upon waking up one morning: "Jesus and God want us to love the bugs in our community."

In a conversation about school: "Big people go to school too, they just don't have times." I asked what she meant, her explanation: "They don't have times. You know, like snack time and craft time and parachute time."

"Jesus died and then he became God."

"Jesus is very, very old. He has a BIG beard."

"I have two arms, so I can play with this arm and clean with the other one."

We talk a lot with E about privileges and consequences. She still gets a bit confused. She told me this story the other night: "Last night, I ran away from Daddy and I lost my consequence."

Eleanor also sat through an entire sermon for the first time last week. She goes in stages of not liking being in the nursery, so we don't force her to go as long as she sits quietly in the service. Usually she is ready to go to the nursery by the end of the song service. Last Sunday, she asked to stay in the service. She was behaving well, so I let her. She alternately listened intently and drew in the bulletin. As we were walking up the stairs to our home, I asked her what Pastor Connie talked about.
She told me: "Jesus." (true)
Me: "What did she say about Jesus?
E: "That Jesus wants us to love other people."
That was the main idea of the sermon. There was obviously more to it than that, but if she can listen and take that away it's a good start.


LeLe said...

Congrats on the new baby. I love the Eleanorisms. Too cute and I know you're very proud of her.

Viator said...

happy happy congratulations!
love hearing how Eleanor is viewing the world.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are feeling well enough to post anything! And at least now Eleanor is saying the baby is either a brother or a one point she told me she wanted a brother that was a girl.Humm... Well must go...will look foreward to reading and/or viewing more posts!

joshuadf said...

Congratulations! I hope E and you and Matt transition well.

At first I misread the first paragraph and I doubted you were having much fun running Linux without a video card. Now that I see what you mean, though, I might be able to dig up an older card. Msg me if interested--I may not have any suitably awesome video card for Matt, though.

Daylight saving time also killed my sleep cycle.