Sunday, February 15, 2009

Books and Dancing

This is how Eleanor likes to read. Actually, she just likes to read. One of our neighbors stayed with her for a couple of hours the other morning. When Matt and I got back, Eleanor showed us the stack of books Sarann had read to her. I was impressed with Sarann's reading stamina.

For Christmas, Eleanor got a complete dancing costume. She tried it out the other morning...and then didn't want to take it off. She went to Target ballet style.

The other day Matt was going somewhere and called me as soon as he walked out the door saying I needed to see the special limo parked outside. It is not unusual for limos to be parked in front of our house, but this was not exactly what I was expecting. SoCal is so fun.

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ryan said...


LeLe said...

Wow, that van is awesome. You could probably live in that thing. Haha.

Griz said...

That's funny. We couldn't stop staring at the limo! Did you see it up close how it was welded together? Incredible!

Day Family said...

Your ballerina is so adorable! And "yeah!" for wearing it to Target! That limo van is HILARIOUS!!!

Sooz said...

Love that your ballerina loves to read and that's awesome she wore it to Target. I'm sure the other little girls were jealous.
Wow..that's some van.