Monday, November 03, 2008


Eleanor and I were princesses this year. We had to work to get our tiaras straight.
Eleanor really enjoyed wearing earrings (for about thirty seconds).
And a ring. (Yes, the tiara says Birthday Girl, it's the only one I could find at Target.)
Eleanor "Trick-or-treated" at one house--ours. Our downstairs neighbors had tons of candy, so we taught Eleanor to say "Trick or Treat!" Then she asked what it meant. We explained that it really wasn't very nice because it was demanding candy--or else a "trick." She chose to say "Can I have some candy please?" instead.

We went to a party at our upstairs neighbor's house.

Eleanor thought Jimmy's "moose" costume was great. Jimmy wasn't completely happy with that interpretation.

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FNWyers said...

"She went into a facny shop and bought and elegant gown." Love that little blonde pony tail!