Monday, November 24, 2008

Chuck E Cheese

Becca and Luke drove down to spend Thanksgiving with us. Today we took Eleanor to Chuck E Cheese for her first visit. Her favorite prat was feeding the tickets into the counting machine.
On the other hand, Matt and Luke really enjoyed the video games.

Eleanor rode this roller coaster simulator. It kind of tilted along with a video. Not so cool. She kept asking, "Why is it a roller coaster?"

It was a fun trip. I think she liked it. I got my skeeball fix, so all is well.
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LeLe said...

Our Youth are going to a place called Playtime Pizza in December. I am driving one of the vans but I'm SO stoked! I've heard it's Chuck E Cheese on steroids, or Chuck E Cheese for big kids. I'm definitely going to be playing skeeball.