Saturday, May 05, 2007

Walking Across the Water


Today we went on a walk across the somewhat new bridge over the Arkansas River. Eleanor, despite being a bit under the weather, really enjoyed the outing. Matt's brother Jason who is in town for the weekend inspired the trip. I'm sure that Matt would have chosen a different picture to post, but I like this one. Eleanor loves water these days. She likes to drink it and play in it. On this trip she took not one, but two sippy cups of water. She kept looking at the muddy river and exclaiming, "wa-wa!" and occasionally "baf" (bath).
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ange said...

Hooray! I LOVE photo of the day. I'm going to try really hard to do it this week.

joshuadf said...

Were both sippy cups hers? Cedar loves any sippy cup, especially ones new to her.

Melody said...

Yes, both sippy cups were hers. The irony is that she needs both hands to hold these cups in order to drink from them. Since she has one in each hand it was a bit hard for her to drink from either. I got one ready for her before we left and she found the other on the way out the door. Eleanor loves sippy cups as well, especially ones that belong to other people.

B. Utter said...

Hi guys.
Gee I wish that bridge had been around in my LR days...I can't wait to run over it sometime soon. The two of you look like you're having all kinds of fun.