Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ice Cream, Watermelon and More

I tried to post the ice cream picture earlier, but for some reason it didn't work. So, here it is again:

On our way home from Mulberry, we stopped at Dairy Queen for dinner (and of course ice cream). Eleanor enjoyed her first ice cream cone. She didn't realize the cone was food (I'm not sure that it is), so she just ate the little ice cream off the top.

And so you don't think that all we feed our daughter is fast food and ice cream:

Eleanor LOVES watermelon (who doesn't?).

In developmental news, Eleanor is still developing at a rapid rate. It seems like every day she learns a new word or concept. I'm loving this burst in vocabulary. Some of her most recently acquired words include:
  • belt
  • George (as in Curious)
  • orange (although it sounds a lot like George)
  • boy
  • hair
  • fire truck (we hear a lot of them where we live)
  • bra
That last one is proving to be a bit embarrassing.


joshuadf said...

Cedar's favorites are eyes, guy, and park. We've also had her ask a few embarrassing questions to strangers, though luckily most of the time they can't understand what she's saying.

Sooz said...

Cutie pie! Love the picture of the watermelon and the little swoop of hair sticking up in the sunlight...she looks so content. Oh by the way I am a friend to The Kings English..Lele and MK