Monday, March 26, 2007


This is for all of you baby fiends. Matt has posted several pictures of Eleanor and a few non-baby pictures (if you can imagine that). I think I'm going to add the link on the sidebar, so in the future look for it there.

We took Eleanor to the zoo on Friday. This was her "happy using the potty" zoo trip. As we were watching the monkeys, Eleanor kept getting distracted by the sidewalk. She liked the texture.

In other news, we went to eat at a Tex-Mex resturant with my (Melody's) parents this evening. Eleanor really likes salsa, so I was feeding her some with big chunks of tomato on little pieces of chips. Eventually, I just let her have the little bowl to fish out the tomato chunks on her own, which she did with minimal mess. Then she turned the dish up and drank the rest of the salsa. What a funny kid.

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