Monday, March 12, 2007

Cold War, Warm Light

Photo of the Day
Tonight I saw the Cold War Kids with Matt Cleveland at Juanitas. What I once described as "stripped-down", sounded tight and well rehearsed sung by neatly cut, greasy haired young men at high volumes. This is a shot post-show of the Yamaha touring piano two out of three bands used tonight. Good time.

Here's what I wrote about the Cold War Kids after listening to their album Robbers and Cowards for a week over at a little thing we call "The Program."
The Kids have me with their stripped-down simple rock and story-telling: “She’s laughin’ like a choir-girl… when she doubles over I hear ‘halleluiah!’” Particularly on ‘Saint John’ and ‘Hospital Beds,’ he gets at narratives that feels archetypal yet unfamiliar enough I’ve got to keep listening to find out what happens.
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B. Utter said...

Sounds like a good time. Would we were all so fortunate as to have a Matt Cleveland in our life.

Today being "Match Day" for med students everywhere, and thus the anniversary of the envelope opening that heralded our coming NC, we think of Juanita's (where UAMS holds its event) with special affection, and of course a cold shudder at the memory of all the stress leading up to that announcement.

Should you choose Duke or WFU as your scholarly home, you'll have to bid farewell to Juanita's, but hello to Merlefest: