Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Camera = More Pictures

Our new camera came on Friday. I'm really excited about all the possibilities. I'm still learning how to actually use all the settings, in which setting it's best to use shutter speed priority and which is best to use aperture priority. I've already learned how to change the ISO and the white balance. This camera thing can't be that complicated. Anyway, I'm sure none of you care about the camera stuff. Here's some pictures of Eleanor:

About 50 times a day, Eleanor will come to me with a concerned look on her face and point her fingers together. Finally I figured out this is how she lets me know she wants to sing The Itsy, Bitsy Spider.

She always gets excited when we sing it.

Last night during bath time, Eleanor was being modest, and very proud of her modesty.

Bed time has become a bit more interesting lately. It all started with a monkey that Eleanor got for Valentine's Day. Now she has to have eight to ten stuffed animals or dolls with her when she goes to bed. Today it was three babies, a Star-bellied Sneetch, a red monkey, a small teddy bear ("Bubba"), and Totoro (a character from a Japanese animated film).


Daddy really likes the new camera too.


joshuadf said...

Is there a plain-bellied sneetch left out in the cold then?

rebstar said...

oh my WORD. that bath/modesty photo is my favourite...could she BE any cuter?? :)

wow. lots of fun!!

B. Utter said...

Yessir, that's one cute little gal! I don't envy you the task of keeping a close eye on her, mom and pop.
I do envy the camera.

So, here's something fun. Turns out a fellow M.A. candidate here at WFU is the nephew of Fleming & John. He and they are delighted to learn that folks still remember them (he's busy producing for other folks; she's busy raising a 2-yr-old). There may be hope of a meeting before too long, as I have been invited to crash a family reunion. I'll bring you along if you enroll here. Any news?

M. Lumpkin said...

You know fleming and john's nephew. That's like three degrees from greatness.

No word yet. In the words of bokonon:
"Busy, busy, busy.." the working of one's kerass (which is I believe the purpose of one's existence working itself out around one).

My kerass is busy working on yet more essays. They're like moles at chuck-e-cheese: the more I whack down, the more pop up to mock me.

I'll let you know when I know but it will be months yet.