Thursday, September 21, 2006

Austin: Part Zoo

This is actually the San Antonio Zoo (an hour south of Austin). We went there on Saturday. It was a nice zoo, but oh soooo hot. They had a toddler house, where kids under five could explore and play. Eleanor really liked watching the bigger kids.

Here is Eleanor exploring a cave. There were large insects and fossils inside. She didn't seem to notice.

Did I mention it was hot? I bought a slushy-type drink thing. Eleanor insisted that I share, although from her face in this picture, you wouldn't think she liked it.

Eleanor and Allison had a blast playing together, that is as long as Eleanor was "gentle" and didn't steal Allison's pacifer.

I'll leave you with this super happy baby. Such a great kid.

Again, these pictures were taken by our gracious host Marci.


jennie said...

I love love LOVE the picture in the cave. Too cute!

D/S McNary said...

At least when you ride the Lion, you don't have to be covered in shaving cream like when you ride the Tiger.