Friday, September 29, 2006

Austin: The Children's Museum

This chicken was Eleanor's favorite part of the children's museum. They had a special pen (literally) for babies and toddlers. This particular booth had a chicken, eggs (plastic), and a button Eleanor could press to hear various animal noises. You can see it slightly under her right hand. At one point, we left the pen. When we came back I set Eleanor down at another activity. She looked around, saw the chicken and headed straight back over there.

Eleanor also really liked this small slide.

Allison didn't.


Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

Great photos. I love how little toddlers get so interested in things.

tigbeane said...

I love the pics. You have great family. :)

Flo Wyers said...

Well, of course little Allison didn't like it; she is a little younger than Eleanor and it's sort of scary when you realize you can't put on the brakes!