Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Photo of the Day - It's Dumplin'!

My darling Melody has expressed concern that many who had become accustomed to seeing our fat lil' dumpling, Eleanor here may be disappointed by fuzzy, monochromatic wedding pictures of people they may or may not know. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you, our loyal readers, that the Flikr link in the column on the right will lead you to the latest and greatest Eleanor shots. Furthermore, fuzz, dust, and a lack of color are the charm of Kodak T-MAX or other B&W films. What would listening to your favorite LP on vinyl be without the crackle? If we wanted crystal clear color balance and megapiaxelation we would shoot digital (if we had the money to upgrade from our point-and-shoot).

As it stands, I'll be shooting film, for the principle of it (at least until I get a few more calls for paying portrait work and buy one of these).

Melody has also expressed concern that I have not yet posted a photo of the illustrious bride. I inform her and you that this is because I have very few and wish to wait until the right moment. In spite of the dearth of comments (save Ben and Moby) our tracking software informs us that this past week of "Photo of the Day" has been a sucess in upping visits to the site. I hope more of you who are enjoying will stop lurking and voice your presence.

As far as normal life goes, my work at the hospital continues to challenge me. I'm currently serving as something of a gunea pig for the Pastoral Care Department's use of the application of a Palm OS software developed for MD's. It gives all sorts of demographic info on patients and in general helps me know who's in the areas I'm responsible for. I'm running on my newest toy. I type on it with my wireless, fold-up keyboard, not mention the Greek software, MP3 function and versions of Doom and Quake for download. It's fun to feel like George Jetson. Merry X-mas. I also recently finished my application to Duke Divinity School. Next week Melody, Eleanor and I will fly to Atlanta, GA for a Retreat for young Baptist Ministers. We're looking forward to getting out of town and meeting some new people in new places. I'm always amazed at how God weaves people together.

Karis kai erene soi.
Grace and peace to you.

I don't mean it pretentious, I promise.
And if you love the gospel, then listen to Sufjan Stevens' Album "Seven Swans." I suspect he might love Jesus. Shh. Don't tell anyone.


jennie said...

Hi. I'm one of those helping to increase your stats for the week. And I like looking at pictures even if I don't know the people. :)

Shane said...

Hope you enjoy the retreat. Say hello to Dr Nancy (not that she would remember). Make sure you check the site meter for folks from large office buildings in Nashville . . . they're my favorite.