Tuesday, November 09, 2004

We’re off to Bali! At least I hope we are. Our handwritten tickets are for “Mr. Melodi Matthew” and “Mrs. Lumpkin Melodi.” I’m hoping the Indonesian airlines are a bit less strict than the American ones. Matt assures me they are, but it still makes me nervous. We leave tomorrow morning at five and will be gone for ten days.

Here are the parts I am most excited about:
- having consist water and a bathtub
- white sand
- McDonalds and Mexican food
- being in the Southern Hemisphere (I promise to watch the water spin)
- being out of the pink walls of our house
- experiencing another part of Indonesia

On an unrelated note, this is my first official plea for guests. We bought sheets and pillows for our guest room and will reward the first visitor(s) with the knowledge that no one has slept on the sheets before. Wouldn’t you love to be the first to sleep on a set of new sheets? I’ll try to think of better things to entice you with for future posts.


Anonymous said...

so, visiters eh? how long are you planning to be over there...because if it's long enough for me to raise money for the ticket, count me in! i miss you guys, i hope you're enjoying your trip to Bali. ~charla

Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

Sorry I've been a stranger. By the way, the water thing only works for big things like hurricanes. Small ones are more effected by things like shape of container--I did a science project on the coriolis effect in high school, really!

Anonymous said...

I've slept on new sheets before, It's no big deal.

If the water spinning thing only works on large objects look for a really big toilet, or pull the plug on somebody's swimming pool.

I would really like to visit you.

It is 33 degrees here this morning. The last few days the geese have been flying over (south). Maybe you will see them soon if they go that far south. Do geese have to adjust their flight direction to compensate for the earth spinning under them?

your anonymous father

Anonymous said...

i searched "free trips overseas" and I found a company that would give me a free trip to Indonesia if I rounded up 10 others and led the trip. haha. maybe i should just save my money.