Thursday, November 25, 2004

Two Celebrations

First of all, Happy Birthday (quite literally) Jordan David Roe!!! Congratulations to the new parents--Haven and Jason. We miss you guys.

Secondly, Happy Thanksgiving! We celebrated today with three other American families. Matt and I didn’t have to sit at the kids’ table. It was great. There were nine children (ranging from 5 months to 8 years) and eight adults. Yesterday (Wednesday) I came down with one of my monthly sinus infections. Other than that, Thanksgiving was great. It was the next best thing to being home.

We put some pictures up (.Mac link on the right).


Charles said...

Hi Matt and Melody,

I just came across your blog from someone else's (who knows who...Ben Utter, Lil, someone). Are you serving with the "bim"? I just finished a two year j-m term in Paris, France. Best time of my life.

Chuck Everson

Charles said...

Hi Matt,

Yes, my "former" organization :) Though I had a great experience with them. I'm sure I'm the talk of the organization...though I know I'm not the only j-man who has converted to Catholicism.

I'm sorry to hear about your health...I'm it's easier to get sick where you are than in Paris. And I understand the needed support from other like-minded people...I had the same experience.


M. Lumpkin said...

J-man. Sounds like some kind of... code. Are you sure you don't work for the gov-t? Actually I've heard the Catholic Church has it's own J-men, if you know what I mean (the Jesuits of course). Sounds suspiciously like G-man...

Anonymous said...

To My Fellow Revolutionary,
I am going to send you some papers. soon. And I'm going to help you change your ways. soon (tomorrow).
angela q. ward (angie pie)

Viator said...

Dear Lumpkins, I attenuate
My grief for your remove
From these, the lower forty-eight
By means you'll sure approve
The houses (well, apartments) both
Of Ussery and Utter
Last eventide were happy host
(I'm sorry:) to none ot'er
Than two whose names must bring a mist,
I'm confident, to your eyes:
Dame Bekkah (who I know you've missed).
Oh, and her hubby, four-eyes.

Forgive, I pray, verse penned in haste
As we forgive your leaving.
These youthful years apart are waste
Do haste your cleave from cleaving!

Anonymous said...
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