Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I am writing to inform any of you who don't know, of the same news that Melody's mother Mary just left on the last comment on the last post on the weblog: Melody and I flew to Singapore to get her medical treatment for what we suspected was a blood clot in her leg. Two days ago it swelled to almost twice it's normal size and turned blue. After consulting with several physicians we decided to take the flight here. They did an ultrasound study of her leg an confirmed the clot and now she is being treated with blood thinning drugs. We will be here for at least a week (which is nice because Singapore is a beautiful, clean, safe, and very western city, and not nice because we were supposed to begin teaching classes next monday at school). However we are sure this was the best choice for her treatment and have been overwhelmed by support from our family and friends, as well as from brand new Manado friends who have reached out and opened hospitality to us by way of people they know here in Singapore. I am writing from an IMB office here using their internet while a kind man named Tim brings me a coke and offers to buy me lunch. God is with us through these people and he has answered all our prayers of a safe arrival and good treatment and we are expecting full healing and recovery.

Melody feels much better but is still unable to walk but she is in a place where she can get the care she needs and for that we are gratefuly.

Thank you, especially to those of you who have called (if you want to contact us you can email Mary Willliams, Melody's Mom, she has the contact info) and for everyone's prayers. We don't know how many people are praying but it is working. Please continue to pray for treatement and for us as we consult with the Doctors to learn what changes we can make to prevent this from happening again.

More Later.


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