Saturday, July 03, 2004

Dua Bulan
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Tommorow we will attend church with Dr. Joubert Sumanti, former guest proffessor at OBU. Then we plan to celebrate the fourth of July with the Cassels and several others (perhaps even a few Brits) at a good old fashioned BBQ.

We just returned from a relaxing weekend at Santika Hotel here in Manado. We decided to go after we learned (one day prior) that we would be graciously given a few days off after completing our Preparatory English Course. It's main attraction to us was it's bathtub complete with warm shower, good water pressure and snorkeling. However we found it quite more enjoyable and attractive than we had expected. More on that later...

We are swiftly approaching the two month mark (dua bulan) and so it is also time for a few NEW PHOTOS. The latest is a collection of shots from our excursion to Tondano lake in the nearby highlands (it's actually a huge volcanic crater), some pics from the PEC, Indonesian road construction at our house (it actually invovled/employed 90; they finnished the job in record time), and a few shots from this weekend.

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