Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Many Faces of Charlotte

Charlotte is a climber.  The problem is, she's like a cat.  She has no problem climbing up, the getting down is not as easy.  This chair is one of her favorite places to climb.  She loves to sit like a big girl.  We've been trying to teach her how to get down by herself, but she hasn't quite mastered it yet.  This morning I heard a thump and then wails.  When I got to her, the lower half of her body was still in the chair, her head was resting on the floor and her arms were flailing.  She falls with flair.

 Also in Charlotte news, she is dangerously close to walking.  She took her first independent steps a couple of weeks ago.  She still prefers the stability of crawling, but her bipedalism is coming soon.

 The following pictures I did not take.  They are from camp day at Eleanor's school.  A mom by the name of Mykle Parker took them.  She did a great job.  Among the many activities involved in camp day, Eleanor got to paint in the garden, drink hot cocoa, make trail mix, fish, go on a bear hunt and use her flashlight to read in a tent.  Eleanor absolutely loves her school.

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