Monday, September 07, 2009

LA County Fair

We ventured out to the LA County Fair today. Unfortunately, since it was Labor Day everyone else had the same idea. What should have been a 30 minute car ride turned into two hours of sitting in traffic. I guess it wouldn't be the LA County Fair unless you experienced a major part of LA in getting there. Once we finally got in, we went straight to see animals. We saw a baby sheep that was two hours old and all sorts of other livestock. While we were in the maternity barn, a goat was giving birth to twins (at least, one was out, one was immanent and there might have been a third). There was a huge crowd around that pen, so we didn't see that, but a man was giving a play by play of the birth over the loud speaker. As someone who will soon be in a similar situation to the goat, I felt very sorry for the poor goat.

Matt and Eleanor went through a hay bale "maze."

Eleanor wanted to ride a Ferris wheel. I'm not sure how she knew about Ferris wheels, but it was a major attraction for her. The closest one to where we were was in the kid's area. It was smaller, but she still loved it. She said, "I was a little bit scared, but when we when we went faster and faster and faster, I liked it."

Here's the little bit scared part:

It wouldn't be a fair without a funnel cake. I introduced Eleanor to this delicacy today. She kind of liked it:) Her plan was, "every time we come here to the fair, we need to buy one of these for the whole family to eat." I told her that was a good plan.

One of my favorite sites was in the parking lot.

Eleanor is a good passenger, if not a bit mischevious.

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Griz said...

How fun! I wanted to go this weekend b/c it was opening weekend I think. Maybe I will get to go before it's gone. I've gone the last couple of years and it's been a lot of fun.

Jennie said...

She is so incredibly cute.