Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Adam and ???

We love our church. It's an amazing group of loving people. Eleanor has a wonderful Sunday School class taught by our friend Abby. I have never had reason to question Abby's teaching until this Sunday. During lunch I was asking Eleanor about Sunday School:

Me: What did you learn about in Abby's class today?
E: Animals.
Me: Really? What about animals?
E: God made animals. And he made plants.
Me: Wow. What else did he make?
E: People!
Me: Really?? He made people? What were their names?
E: Um, Steve and Adam.
Me: You mean Eve?
E: No, Steve. Adam didn't have anyone to talk to so God made Steve so he would have someone to talk to.

So, maybe our church is a bit more progressive than we thought:). Later Eleanor told me that Steve is a woman. I think that she's just unfamiliar with the name Eve, so she assumed it was Steve.


LeLe said...

Wow. That's hilarious!

ryan said...

That's great!

Sophia calls Eve 'Even'.

Sooz said...

Too funny!

Griz said...

HAHAHAHAHA....This was so hilarious!!! I love reading the conversations the two of you have. They are so funny!