Monday, August 04, 2008

Birthday Pics

Matt and I worked hard to create a "strawberry kitty cat cake." In the end, one could tell that it was supposed to be an animal, maybe a cross between a polar bear and a lion.

The party started out with watermelon. Yum.

Then came the birthday parade.

Then cake. I made this cake with store bought frosting (I was running short on time). Matt and I sculpted and decorated until it came out looking something like a cat. Unfortunately, the pics were taken upside down and when flipped, they look kind of off.

Eleanor blew out the candles with the help of the wind.

Then, of course, the presents. Eleanor got a lot of good stuff, including a chair that "Josh made for me." Josh and Ayumi (my brother and sis-in-law) bought Eleanor a chair at Ikea. Josh put it together for her. She now declares to everyone that he made it.


joshuadf said...

Looks like a wonderful success!

We got some chairs at IKEA, and a few days later Cedar said, "I want to build another chair with you, Daddy." Very sweet.

LeLe said...

I love the birthday parade! And both your twirly dresses.

Sooz said...

I think the cake was a great success! Love the birthday parade!Great ideas and I am so jealous that anyone has an Ikea. I want one to.

Memaw said...

I especially like the birthday parade. I think adults should parade at least 5 miles before indulging in fattening cake.

FNWyers said...

Great idea for a cake; from one cat lover to another. Good job, parents!