Monday, April 07, 2008



Eleanor and I planted some daisy seeds in a kit that we found in the $1 bin at Target. She like checking on it. I hope it grows.

Today has been a difficult day. Eleanor's molars are causing her pain again and the results are less than pleasant. There were tantrums today about everything from tape to blocks. Tomorrow will be better.

We are still trying to figure out who "friend Joey" is. He has black hair and wears pants.

Eleanor absolutely favorite activity is playing on our bed. In the past two weeks, she has learned how to climb up there by herself. She loves to jump, fall flat on her face into the down comforter, run around singing "ring round rosie, paco, paco..", and pretend to look for "Friend Joey." Sometimes the comforter is an ocean, sometimes it's a store. One night Matt and I went to bed and our sheets jingled. Someone had left their money on our covers.

Another of Eleanor's favorite games to play is "birthday." She will sing "ha-pa-da-doh to you" and then give you pretend cake and presents.

She really is a fun kid. I just wish those teeth wouldn't torment her so.
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