Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas in Arkansas

Since an anonomous poster asked for more pictures of Eleanor in Arkansas, I must post them. I have to admit that we didn't take as many pictures as we usually do. A lot of the trip we enjoyed without documenting.

Before we left, Eleanor tried on her Christmas stockings. Our tree was a real tree, planted in real dirt.

We spent a week at Matt's parents' house, where Eleanor enjoyed being the only child among six adults. She loved her uncles' attention. She also learned her first Christmas carol: "Hu-boff Reindeer" (Rudolf).

Eleanor and Mimaw

We then went and spent a week at my parents' house. Once again, Eleanor was the only child with six adults. Eleanor had a great time in a bed specially made for her, but she would rather be in "Meme's big bed."

On Christmas day, we packed up and went to Little Rock to my aunt's house. Matt was assigned photographic duties, so we have lots of documentation of that day. After all the presents were unwrapped, Eleanor played with bubble wrap. First she spread them all out. Then she ran back and forth the length of the bubbles, dancing, prancing and laughing.

She also enjoyed playing with the nutcrackers. There's Daddy Nutcracker, Mommy Nutcracker, and six babies.

On our way home, our flights were delayed thanks to a storm in Chicago (not that we were going anywhere near Chicago). In our spare time in the Dallas airport, Eleanor found this neat mosiac and entertained herself and many other passengers by running around the outside edge singing (i.e. shouting) "ring 'round rosie." She was exhausted, so I was happy to have her running in circles as opposed to screaming.

One of the many useful gifts I recieved, a headlamp:


joshuadf said...


We're back on the Left Coast after some time in the lovely DFW airport too. I threw some Coke cans in the trash, can you belive it!

tigbeane said...

It's so sweet to see things through the eyes of those not harden by this world and all it's stuff. Enjoy her now (and then later) and look at the world more often through her eyes.

Sooz said...

Great photos. Grandbabies always love to be snuggled in their Meme's beds. Glad she entertained herself at the airport...delays stink! Merry Christmas (belated)!

The Fanks said...

A headlamp??!! I love it! I'm so glad we got to see y'all even if it was for a short time.