Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Beach Again and a Bounce House

We went back to the beach the day after Thanksgiving. The other times we have gone, Eleanor has been somewhat cautious when it came to the water. This time not so much. We have several pictures like this:

We took off her pants shortly after we got there because they were soaked. After over an hour of playing on the beach and in the (cold) water, Eleanor fell in the surf and requested a blanket. We had dry clothes for her in the car, so all was well.
Eleanor thought this rock was a house made just for her.
"Wow!" --Eleanor upon seeing all the sea creatures.
Our last day of playschool for the quarter was Tuesday. Eleanor and I have really enjoyed it. For the final week, they had a bounce house and other fun things. It was hard for Eleanor to wait for the fun to begin.


LeLe said...

Aw, she finally has enough hair for an itty-bitty pony tail! So cute.

The Fanks said...

Great photos, Matt! (I'm assuming Matt was taking pictures since Melody's in most of them.)

M. Lumpkin said...

Thanks, I shot all but the last one which Melody gets credit for. There's a lot more from that day at