Monday, October 15, 2007

Cooking, Painting, and Going to Work

This morning Eleanor and I made "play-doh." Eleanor thought it was great fun. She asked for the M and S cookie cutters for "Bicah" and "Sisas" (or Micah and Silas for those of you who don't speak Eleanorese). It really cracks me up when she says things like "M for Bicah" or "G for Rarara" (translated: Grandfather).

Matt and Eleanor painted while I was at work today. I hung Eleanor's paintings up in the kitchen and she insisted that I hang "Daddy's too."

Also while I was at work, Eleanor got her things together to go to "work:" a fitted sheet (which has been a favorite toy this week), her purse (from the Northcuts, thanks!), and, of course, her Curious George flashlight.

The above was actually all from Monday. For some reason, the pictures wouldn't post then, so I waited and tried again.

Here's one more funny Eleanor story since you had to wait so long:
Last night Matt was preparing for a class discussion he to lead. He was reading the Sermon on the Mount and decided to read it out loud to Eleanor. When he finished, Eleanor promptly said, "Jesus open mouth" then demonstrated an open mouth. Matt was a bit confused for a minute, then he realized that the passage began, "And Jesus opened his mouth and taught...". Today we were having coffee with a friend and I asked Eleanor what Jesus did. She answered, "Jesus open mouth growl [like a] bu-bah [bear]." We really need to do something about this child's theology.


FNWyers said...

You two should write a book on parenting: "How to Raise a Happy Baby". I am impressed.

Sooz said...

Play-doh is so much fun and paintings are meant to be hung up..right?
Love the Sermon on the Mount Eleanor cute!

rebstar said...

i've just gotten caught up on all your recent blogs...they've been wonderful!! i can't believe how cute and smart your E is--maybe someday your E and our E can meet. :) i'm so glad things seem to be going so well for you 3 there in CA!! :)