Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Made Up

We played in make-up today. There was a lipstick sample in a magazine I had and Eleanor discovered it. I remembered that I had some make-up somewhere. After a couple of minutes of rummaging, I found it. Eleanor throughly enjoyed the lipstick with the creamy eyeshadow a close second. She's striking a "model pose" for the camera. Actually she's dancing to the music that one of her toys makes. Most of her dance moves look like she's doint the robot.
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LeLe said...

"The Robot" rules. And she looks lovely in that shade!

Anonymous said...

Matt dan Melody!
Aku sudah datang di Amerika. Aku datang lebih lambat karena ada delay di New York dari salju dll. Sekarang aku tinggal di Cabot di bilakang gereja Mt. Carmel. Aku bosan sedikit2. Termima kasih banyak untuk note dari Chessie! Aku muda mudahan aku akan bertemu kamu soon.


tigbeane said...

Okay, I'm not sure how Matt looks like Richard Gere...... I mean, Matt's cute and all, but come on, we're talking Richard Gere. BTW, I did miss Matt this last week.

Myles said...

very cute.

Myles said...

very cute.