Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday
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Look, we are wearing pretty clothes. I have to admit that I conformed to the culture and dressed Eleanor up in a lacy dress with lacy socks and shiny shoes. My only consolation was that her dress was in the style of Jackie O.

In other news, it's hot. When we were in Indonesia, it was hot. I probably complained about it more than I remember, but I don't remember complaining that much. We expected it to be hot. Cars didn't have "air cons." When we got too hot, we would retreat to our nice climate controlled bedroom and watch movies on our laptop.

Now it's hot again. This time we didn't expect it. Not because it's April and in the 90's, but because we live in a climate controlled world. Our lives consist of moving from one cooled box to another. The box where we eat and sleep is at this time not cooled. I've been complaining about it almost non-stop. Last summer I complained to the management no less than ten times about the lack of coolness. Each time the (insert adjective here) maintenance man would “re-charge” the unit, meaning he refilled it with some form of Freon. That ozone-depleting chemical would leak out into the environment, killing small woodland creatures in its path and make its way up into the air where it would eat away at the ozone layer. I’m sure that’s why it’s 92 degrees in April.

Eleanor now has four teeth, but not the four you would expect. She has her bottom front teeth that have been there for three months or so, and two top non-front teeth. She is toying with the idea of mobility. Strange baby. She’s been reading quite a bit lately and is a pro at turning pages. She really likes to turn the same page back and forth. We took her to an amazing Good Friday service featuring Waterdeep (or at least Don and Lori Chaffer). Eleanor sang along with Lori on one song and thoroughly enjoyed the music. We did too.

You can see more pictures of our darling and other people and things of interest by clicking on either the picture in this post or on the "Flickr" link on the right side of the page.


jennie said...

Where was the Good Friday service? I'm so jealous that you got to see Don and Lori.

M. Lumpkin said...

It was at a Presbyterian Church in Pine Bluff. We are on a email list, which is how we heard about it. They have a new project cd (various artists) that Don produced called "Songs from the Voice Volume 1: Please Don't Make Us Sing This Song". It's great.

Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

I, too, am jealous. I'd sign up for their list but I doubt they'll be coming to my Presbyterian church any time soon.

We've been tiring of the rain and coolness here (rained a few inches Saturday, the hardest rain I've witnessed in a long time).
Thanks for the reminder of the other side of climate.

Anonymous said...

that must be standard maintenance person guy protocol....thats all they do to our air conditioner at the apt....throw some more freon in it and wait about a week and a half until i start calling again.....


the fanks. said...

That sounds like the best Good Friday service ever. Not to mention, that's the best Easter Sunday picture of y'all ever. And with a record high temperature, Dallas is the hotest ever. It was 100 yesterday. *a

rebstar said...

i am VERY jealous, too. (and i'm even on the list and didn't get the note!!) how wonderful!

and the picture is very cute. :)

rebstar said...

(1st comment didn't post?!)

i am VERY jealous, too. (and i'm even on the list but didn't get the msg!!) sounds so wonderful.

cute, cute picture! :)

ange said...

i like the picture of you three. i'm jealous you went to the chaffers.

and, the high tomorrow is 108; summer isn't technically here yet.

Anonymous said...

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