Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Moving Pictures

When Matt came home from work this evening, Eleanor was in a particularly good mood. She was sitting in my lap as Matt and I were discussing the days events. Somewhere between my recounting my trip to the Hospice facility to visit my grandparents and his description of a particularly emotional death he worked with today, Eleanor started laughing...all out laughing. We caught the end of it on this video. Click "Moving Pictures" on the right under "Photos" to see it. (Thanks to Aunt Glenna for the JussPress Link)

PS- Happy St. Nick's Day!


seakat said...

your kid has suite parents.

M. Lumpkin said...

we think we're well suited for one another

Martin Tobák said...

She looks very happy, and i think, that she will be have good life, because she laugh a lot in younger years. That is good. Seriously, i hope you all will come in Slovakia sometimes. We will teach Eleonor some Slovak phrases, like "Give me a money, dad or can i borrow your car?