Sunday, August 14, 2005

Making ourselves at Home

make yourself at home
Originally uploaded by bendblock.
Though this shot is from our weeklong stay at the hospital, we are now home and learning how to live as three. If you just can't get enough photos of Eleanor, click this one to go to our "flickr" photo page. There are a few more there including some from home.

We're sleeping a lot and still enjoyinig the newness of it all (not to mention the many free meals people keep offering).


Dovie Hardwick said...

The new pictures are so cute. Please keep the pictures coming.

Love Always,

Viator said...

Only ONE other lousy comment so far? For such a photograph as this? Well, it seems my frettings over the atrophy of aesthetic appreciation weren't as ill-founded as the counter girl at Gadzooks insisted!

Cute, ya'll. Mighty cute!