Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Great With Seed

Great With Seed

As promised (in the hopes that this will end the disputations over the great syringe massacre).


It occured to me today that she's not really "coming" but that she's been here becoming all along. We just get to see her soon.


Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

Honestly, I don't check your blog every day but there must be some kind of eerie connection between pregnant households because I just felt an interest and here's a new post. In other news, I just graduated and we moved to a new slightly bigger place. There's still an open invitation to stay with us in Seattle. And the pictures remind me, I need to take some new pics of Molly.

Viator said...

Looks like more than just seed at this point.

Hey, don't get me wrong, Josh.
I, uh, don't come here all that often myself. Got . . . other stuff to do. Yeah. Other--important--stuff. 'Sides, I don't need to come here. Naw--can quit any ol' time I feel like it, sure you bet.

So, where to from where you are, gentle Josh?

Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

Like, where in Seattle? Still in the U-District, about 15 blocks from the student housing where we've been the last couple years. I got a Real Job at UW so it looks as permanent as things like that go.