Wednesday, March 30, 2005

For the Patient and True

Has it really been a month since we posted anything? Well, that should not be. I have to say that since we have been back in the States, our time spent on the internet has significantly decreased (mine more than Matt’s). I find myself going days without checking my email or even thinking about email. Strange, isn’t it?

This morning I sat working on waking up and watched my stomach move spontaneously. Sometimes it feels like I’ve swallowed a hamster, but this morning the baby was making her presence known in a more pronounced way. “Her” is intentional. We spent last Monday morning in a darkened room looking at images produced by soundwaves bouncing off our child. She is healthy, developing well, and looks kind of freaky. Matt and I were both grateful to see that none of the deformities that could have been caused by the rat poison I was taking were detectable. Thank you for your prayers.

Today is a beautiful spring day. In about twenty minutes I have to go sit in an office for the rest of the afternoon, but for now, I am enjoying the springness of the day. I just saw a small, round animal run into the wooded area behind our apartment...maybe a groundhog? One evening Matt and I saw two foxes testing the boundaries of our complex. Even though we are living in the biggest city either of us has ever lived in, it is still very much Arkansas.

As the days start getting longer and the weather warmer, our lives are starting to feel more settled and more hopeful. Thank you to all of you for your prayers and support which has helped us get through some difficult months.


D&S said...

We think you (second person plural)are neet. We like you. We want to affirm you in some way. We miss you. We are glad she is fine. We have been looking for jobs for you: "Native English speaker needed." We will keep praying for you.

Randy Richards said...

Good news about the baby girl. We continue to rejoice with you!