Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I Palindrome I

I just had the amazing experience of taking out the last garbage bag from inside the box and then putting the box inside the bag.

Everything has babies. Even laptops computers.


Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

Psst... hey, buddy, your profile still says you're in Indonesia. I like the new name and subtitle... read lots of Dostoevsky and Robert Putnam! (By the way, there's always Grad School, which is suprisingly flexible with a kid and Uncle Sam will loan you big bucks.)

Anonymous said...

dear matt and melody,
this reminds me of the time in 3rd grade when we were learning about "living things." Mrs. Simon had a checklist, and if something fulfilled everything on her list, then it was living. one requirement was that it had to reproduce. then she gave us a test where we had to decide if certain items were living or not. one was a plant. i said that it was living, and she counted it wrong because plants don't reproduce. i promptly brought an encyclopedia to school and proved her wrong (how obnoxious). all this is to say: you could probably get a job as a teacher.
whew, what a long comment.