Saturday, December 11, 2004

There's Lumpkin Bread in the Oven

So, you want an update, eh? Well, Matt and I have officially resigned from our teaching positions at MIS. We will be heading back to Arkansas soon. If we can get flights worked out, it will be before Christmas.

If I have piqued your interest, then please, read on. There have been some recent developments in my health. More precisely, there’s one major development that will develop over the next few months and greatly influence my health. We are expecting a child. And I find myself wishing more and more that those stork stories were true.

We are sad to be leaving here, frightened by the possible complications this pregnancy could create, and excited about a new life.

We have a little over a week to sell, give away, and pack up all our things. My rat poison (which apparently is baby poison too) was replaced by twice daily injections. Matt is getting good at stabbing me. It’s a crazy life, but someone has to live it.

Ways you can pray for us (if you are so inclined):
- my health and the baby’s health
- Matt’s health (he’s sick right now with some kind of cold/infection)
- the long ride home
- financial issues (my new medicine is quite expensive and our insurance only covers us while we are out of the States)
- job/housing issues (we will be presuming on the graces of our parents initially, but hope to find a home to call our own soon)
- finding good doctors (anyone who happens to know a good hematologist in the LR area, let me know)

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and we will see many of you soon.


JasonRoe said...

hey guys,

Congratulations on the new edition. I'm very excited for you. We will be praying for you all. Hope to see you in AR this Christmas.

With Love,
Jason, Haven, and Jordan Roe

Myles said...

congrats! that's great news!

Viator said...

I guess this means I'll be hand delivering your Christmas present this year.
I can live with that.

You realize, of course, that by coming home you're forcing unanticipated gift-giving creativity on your friends and family, who now won't be able to get away with thrilling you by way of individually wrapped cheese slices, say, or moldy old back issues of Newsweek, or macaroni and cheese.

Not that this realization should raise your hopes too high, mind. Even in this land of plenty, one still receives the odd crock pot for birthdays and such (thanks, Mom!).

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I cannot believe you are pregnant!!! AND you are coming back to Arkansas! This is Sarah, by the by, from church at Magnet Cove. Are you going to be close Magnet Cove so that I can see you? I have so many things that I would like to talk to you about. Please e-mail me at

Joy said...

You already know you have my love, but I suppose that won't suffice anymore - now I imagine you'll be asking for baby carriers instead of Wolverine comics. So what should I do with this stack of comics I'm accumulated?

Just kidding, I never went so far as to ACTUALLY figure out how to buy comics.

When you make it back to the land of 24-hour color television and Wendy's, let someone know.

Praying, as always ~ Chessie

Joshua Daniel Franklin said...

The Nintendonesians already know this by email, but we're expecting too. But now it's here for posterity and whoever might not know. :)

Adam said...

Hey guys. Just wanted to make sure you were okay. Please let us know how you are doing ASAP. You and all the millions of people in Asia now homeless are in our prayers.

...and congrats on your kiddo!!! Wholy moly!!!

Anonymous said...

So, I'm out of touch for a few months, and then I see that you're back in Arkansas...well...isn't that special. Congratulations you two. If only Diane would get pregnant so she and Shane could move back as well. Ha. Anyway, send some email my way, as in, so I can yell at you some more!

Anonymous said...

In this season of miraculous birth, it seems appropriate to point out the miracle - not to mention scandal - if Dianne should turn up pregnant. Shane