Sunday, September 19, 2004

Fresh Photos From Our Alternately Exciting and Mundane Home
(If you've sent a package recently, these are for you. If you've not yet,
observe how it's done.)

Click .Mac Home Page then>Critters and Things

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Joy said...

I really don't see how Atticus is a compromise between having a child or not having a child. I mean, he's furry, and children (as a rule) are not. He already knows how to walk, but will he ever learn to speak? Will he ever say "Read it again, Daddy! Read it again!"? I dare think not. And you just TRY to get a clear hand(paw)print in fingerpaint for your fridge. Of course, please don't tell Atticus I think he's an inadequate compromise. It'll lower his self-esteem and the other compromise-hamsters will make fun of him in rodent pre-school.

What else do you guys need/miss that I can reasonably provide in goody-box to come?